Wedding Party Gifts

For the Kids

I'm really excited about our kids gifts.  I spent exactly $11 on each kid and did a different theme for each one.  I decided to get them some activities so they'll have something new and fun to entertain them on wedding day.  Hopefully the parents will appreciate that too!

Our little ring bearer is going to get:
  • A little orange nylon backpack ($1 at JoAnn Fabrics)
  • A Woody doll from Toy Story ($5 from Kohls)
  • A Toy Story coloring book ($4 at Michaels)
  • Jumbo Toy Story crayons ($1 at the Dollar Tree)
Our two flower girls are sisters, so for the sake of minimizing arguments, their gifts are almost identical.  One is a Disney Princess theme, and the other is a Tinkerbell theme.  The only difference is that the younger one got crayons and the older one got markers.  Here's what they got:
  • A little-girl sized beach bag ($1 from the Dollar Tree)
  • Make your own paper dolls kit (from Michaels, $4 after coupon)
  • Crayons/markers ($1 at Michaels)
  • Stickers ($2 at Michaels)
  • Pencil case ($1 at Michaels)
  • Two little activity kit things ($1 each at Michaels)


We got our groomsmen some really nice personalized glass beer mugs from Pottery Barn.  Their prices were pretty close to what we found other places, but for larger, higher quality mugs!  Plus I LOVE the font they use for engraving!  We got everyone's engraved with "so-and-so's Tavern," which we thought was pretty cool.  Along with the beer mugs, we gave each guy a bottle of alcohol.  Mike created personalized labels for the alcohol by editing an image of the standard alcohol lable found online, and replacing the name of the drink with the guy's name.  We had them printed onto stickers at Kinkos, soaked the alcohol until their labels came off, put ours on instead.  Unfortunately, Mike forgot to take a picture before he gave the bottles away, so you'll just have to take my word for it that they were cool. :(


I am SO excited about the gifts of my girls!  

My original plan was to make clutches for the girls myself.  I actually bought a pattern and everything, but with time running short and and having never actually made a purse before, I decided it was best to turn this project over to someone else!  So, I put up an alchemy request on  If you're not familiar with this website, you need to visit it NOW!  It is seriously awesome.  I simple described what I was looking for (and I had a pretty specific idea in mind, lol) and how much I was willing to pay (I was looking to spend $15/clutch), and I got a bunch of responses!  I picked the seller I liked best and she did a great job!  She found a really cool off-white fabric that has a subtle floral design on it, so it's a perfect fit with my flower themed wedding. :)  And she even lined the inside of each one with a different fabric so each one is unique!  I think they're a fun, versatile summer clutch that hopefully the girls can use again.  

But cool clutches weren't enough for me. :) I had to embellish them with pretty pink flowers to match the bridesmaids dresses!  But to keep the purses re-usable, I made the flower detachable.  It's secured with a tie-tack style pin so it's easy to take off.  I even made a couple extra flowers in different colors so the girls could change up the look of their clutch in the future if they wanted to.  My original plan was to give each girl a total of 5 flowers, but they took munch longer to make then I thought it would, so I only ended up making three for each girl.  But, the ones I made turned out great!  (of course, I forgot to take pictures before I got them away, so you'll just have to take my word for it that they were beautiful, lol!)  And most importantly, the girls LOVED them!   
In addition, I made their day-of jewelery: earrings and a bracelet.